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There are multiple variables that influence the speed of corrosion, such as the material of a product and the environment in which it is located. Knowing what the right anti-corrosion protection that meets your project needs can be complex.

AkzoNobel's 'Interpon Redox Triplex' is the answer to any and all variables, offering a multi-layer powder system that provides superior anti-corrosion protection and longevity compared to other coating solutions.

Treated to ISO 12944 standards, our Triplex-treated products come with an industry-leading 25-year guarantee, no matter the setting, so you can cut maintenance costs while achieving the highest performance levels.

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Corrosion Protection

Durability ranges based on the ISO 12944 standard

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Corrosion classes

Classification* Interior Exterior
C5 Buildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and with high pollution Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere and coastal areas with high salinity
C4 Chemical plants, swimming pools, coastal ship and boat yards Industrial areas and coastal areas with moderate salinity
C3 Production rooms with high humidity and some air pollution such as food processing plants, laundries, breweries, or dairies Urban and industrial atmospheres, moderate sulfur dioxide pollution, or coastal areas with low salinity
C2 Unheated buildings where condensation may occur such as depots or sports halls Atmospheres with low levels of pollution, mostly rural areas
C1 Heated buildings with clean atmospheres such as offices, shops, schools or hotels  

*These are the environments as described in ISO 12944:2018

Triplex' Key Benefits

  • Maximum protection longevity, guaranteed an industry-leading 25 years!
  • Ultra-strong corrosion protection performance up to the harshest category C5 environments
  • Backed by Akzonobel with over 40 years proven performance and experience in more than 70 countries
  • A sustainable choice; VOC-free and containing no solvents or toxic components
  • A total corrosivity solution, combining the very best in barrier and cathodic protection
  • Ideal for high-humidity and high salinity environments
  • Compatible with a wide range of topcoats, to BS EN 12206-1:2004
  • Smooth surface finish akin to furniture, with no zinc spikes or roughness
  • Applied to the very highest quality finish – guaranteed*

*As a Service First Associate you can be assured that when ordering your products from NBB, they will have been treated by an accredited quality coater from within the UK, guaranteeing the very highest quality finish

Multi-layered protection

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What Is Triplex?

Interpon Redox Triplex is your total corrosivity solution, combining the very best in cathodic protection and barrier effect anti-corrosion techniques, enabling treated products to remain fully operational even in the harshest high-humidity/salinity environments.

Cathodic protection is a method where the substrate metal is connected to a more reactive, zinc-rich ‘sacrificial metal’, that will corrode instead of the protected substrate.

Barrier effect protection isolates the substrate from its environment with a water and airproof primer. Oxygen and other corrosive agents are thus prevented from making direct contact with the steel, and consequently no corrosion can form.

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The Triplex system layers these two technologies – alongside a UV-, abrasion- and mechanical-resistant epoxy polyester topcoat (in a colour of your choice) applied to BS EN 12206-1:2004 – to provide extremely strong corrosion protection for environments up to C5 level.

Why Triplex?

Steel corrosion is the irreversible deterioration and destruction of the steel material and its vital properties due to the chemical reaction of its surface to environmental factors such as acids, moisture and oxygen. The rate of steel corrosion is affected by factors such as ambient air temperature, presence of chemical fumes and vapours, as well as humidity.

The corrosive reaction changes the microstructure of the steel on its surface, making it brittle and flaky. Slowly it loses its mechanical strength and elasticity, severely compromising the integrity of the structure and curtailing the service life of the steel. Hence, there is a need to apply suitable protective coating, depending upon the type of application and environment.

And that’s why NBB Outdoors are incredibly proud to be a Service First Provider of Triplex multi-layer powder coating, the latest innovation in industry-leading corrosivity protection that's backed by AkzoNobel (the people behind Dulux), who to put it mildly know a thing or two about performance coating. All Triplex coated products are guaranteed for at least 25 years in C5 conditions - the best guarantee you’ll find on the market - and every previously galvanised and powder coated product in the range will now be treated with 'Triplex' as standard. Better yet, you won’t be charged a single penny more than before for this new treatment. You get the same great products, at the same great prices, with very best anti-corrosion surface treatment on the market!

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A competitor's shelter that was treated with a standard zinc primer before epoxy powder coating


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