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Patio Heaters

Installing outdoor heaters around your premises is the ideal solution for increasing your business’s ‘COVID Capacity’, allowing you to create external dining areas which are warm and comfortable all year round, whilst also keeping both staff and customers safe.

Our infrared outdoor heaters are designed to provide a permanent heating solution which will heat the furniture, walls and floor or the room without wasting energy heating the air. They work by transmitting electromagnetic waves through the air which are then absorbed by any object they encounter (such as us humans), resulting in a warming effect. The comfortable warmth is similar to the heat transfer from the sun, but due to the lower intensity there are no harmful effects such as UV - infrared is completely safe.

Herschel Havana Under Table Infrared Heater

Herschel Havana Under Table Infrared Heater

Lightweight, highly portable patio or conservatory heater

As Low As £138.90

Herschel Manhattan Infrared Heater

Herschel Manhattan Infrared Heater

Low glare infrared heater, ideal for outdoor dining areas and bar terraces

As Low As £387.80

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